Why are we a top employee benefits provider?

Why Perkz is the premier employee benefits provider

Our member base is huge and allows us to negotiate some of the highest discounts in the market.

Offers are long term, and make a real difference anywhere, anytime – whether on a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

All of the offers give genuine value at high street retailers, big brands and boutique stores that your people already know and love.

We’re practically best friends with our retail partners and can resolve customer issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Your site will be tailored to your brand, making Perkz relevant and engaging for your people.

We’re a CarbonNeutral company and offset all of our emissions by investing in reforestation and renewable energy projects.

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A few facts and figures


And here are some of our clients:

Our clients say:

“Perkz aligns itself well with our existing range of employee benefits and helps us create a voluntary benefits portfolio to meet our employee’s many and varied requirements.”

Steve Powell
Reward Programme Manager, Centrica
“Working for the police means strange shift patterns and often unsociable hours. Perkz gives our members the chance to shop during their downtime. With the variety of products and value of discounts, Perkz is a popular benefits scheme.”

Christian Robinson
Chief Executive, Essex Police Sports Association
“With many of our staff working unsociable hours we want to offer something that will save time and money. We chose Perkz because of quality of offers and their fast, easy-to-use website.”

Eliza Kiers
Strategic Partnerships Manager, Virgin Management