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Perkz gives your people access to instant discounts that make a real difference to what they already spend. It’s available on any device too, whether a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. So however your people connect to the internet, they’ll be able to connect with Perkz.

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What is Perkz?

An online employee discounts platform that is available anywhere and at any time, directly from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Market-leading discounts on everything from the weekly shop to annual holidays, giving you huge savings on what you already buy.

Your people will get to use a discounts platform that is branded to you. We'll design a bespoke logo and colour scheme that makes sure everything seen is relevant and accessible.

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Why Perkz

Starting a relationship with Perkz is easy as you and your employees are at the heart of everything we do. All you need is a desire to engage your people.

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Discounts with genuine value

All of the online and in-store offers are chosen from retailers that your people use every day. This means that they get a genuine saving on products they already buy.

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Simple to use

Perkz works on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop, with offers and discounts available in an instant. We understand that you might have some questions, though, so click below for our FAQs.


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